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Informative articles to get you started understanding the focus of BNSC IT Strategy:


Let's face it, when you have an IT project or you manage an IT team, you don't always know what the best course of action is for every situation. You have to research and test. Experience helps guide your decision making, but one person just doesn't have all of the experience necessary to answer all project questions.

It is the value and ROI of the IT system that makes the IT Guy get to work in the morning...Turns out, that is also why management loves IT. When there is discord, the value and ROI is lagging.

BNSC IT Strategy brings experience and expert project management to your IT projects. When you are ready to identify inefficiency, reach out to BNSC. Customers have identified tens of thousands of dollars left on the table with small projects and millions of dollars for recurring annual contracts. That usually sounds very good, but the real value is the ethics BNSC offers. There is no product sales, no affiliate system and BNSC is not going to advise you to complete a project where the work is performed by BNSC. This is a true consulting service provider. You ask the questions, BNSC provides the answers. Project management, research, and justification documentation are also included in the service. For half of the cost of a rockstar IT Guy, you get a team of devoted experts to keep your IT system on track and operating smooth with strong ROI.

Talent Development

We are looking for talented and pasitionate people. BNSC offers a mentorship and job opportunities. If you want some part time work to pour your experience into, please let us know. If you are starting out in the IT field and you want some direction, you are a great fit! If you are looking for a remote / work from home job, and you have years of IT experience, please send us your resume/LinkedIn profile.

Finding a good fit and a useful mentor is the only way to find a fullfilling career.

BNSC is always looking for more community. If you are not looking for a job and you don't think you need a mentor, please reach out anyway so we can get to know you. You have a unique story and experience. We want to get to know you. Meeting people in technology is how we help define our own understanding of the world.