Project Scope - What it is and Why it’s essential for successful projects?

A clear understanding of project scope leads to a successful project. Many times, the project scope is worded on a phone call and glanced over at the kickoff meeting, but not usually detailed and discussed. This leads to a fractured project with many parts pulling in many directions.

An effective project scope becomes an integral element before undertaking any business project. To make any business, or IT project successful, it’s essential to develop a project scope beforehand.

What Is Project Scope?

The project scope involves all the necessary work that needs to be accomplished to deliver the end-product or service at a specified budget with particular features and functions. It’s the initial phase of any planning process. It also documents a list of project goals, deliverables, tasks and the overall cost.

Project scope may also be defined by a contractor in a statement of work (SOW) document. The SOW also serves as a guideline for vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer). This documentation helps the manager and the other team members stay focused. The information added in the statement of work will clearly identify the end product results, the execution process, the project constraints, and the other assumptions. Additionally, the decision-making process also becomes seamless with a statement of work.

The project manager or vCIO will also be in charge of dealing with project scope management in addition to allotted time, resources and money.

What Makes A Project Scope Successful?

A properly constructed project scope is a critical enabler of a successful project. It also further leads to an effective project management. A number of businesses obtain vCIO services in designing the scope statement which lets them enjoy remarkable benefits to a flourishing business over a long period of time. Just to make sure that proper planning is conducted to develop a useful project scope statement, consider these fundamental steps:

At BNSC, we believe in making project scope and other IT strategies successful by formulating plans that lead to better conversions, and sales. We go in-depth with the client's project, technicalities, risks, challenges and develop strategies accordingly that will help them achieve their business goals.

So, how important is project scope management for new businesses?

Project Scope Management

It is typical to find management stating a project with a single sentence. Project participants make guesses and possibly ask incessant questions. With a talented and experienced staff, the project has a good chance of success, but if management would spend a few minutes authoring a statement with a more robust project scope, the dependence on talented staff to successfully manage a project would be diminished. The project would start with an accurate direction and useful limits to define resources needed and features possible.

Therefore, a vCIO is responsible for developing a project scope. When businesses hire IT consultants, they design project scope that maps out all the work and plannings to deliver the final product and desirable outcomes. The vCIO services also involve planning strategic project goals, facilitating project needs, reducing risks, develop criteria and manage the expectations of stakeholders and clients. There are always value-driven strategies required for successful project management. If you’re starting out, get our expert strategic roadmap to grow your business.

A basic interpretation of IT project scope uses diagrams like the Iron Triangle. Visualizations like this simplify strategic project scope into basic components. With the Iron Triangle, three components are defined: Quality, Resources, and Features. With this conceptual diagram, adding features must reduce quality and budget resources limits.

Using conceptual diagrams is useful for understanding projects scope. Reviewing several diagrams increases awareness of the value a solid scope statement adds to a project. When management and project participants do not understand the value of project scope statements, discussing and reviewing these diagrams can improve their interaction and help project participants spend a bit more time on developing useful project scope statements.

Project management strategies can be used in a micro effort to produce efficient project scope. For example, the agile methodology can be applied in project management.

  1. A manager or vCIO may define a project with a guideline sent to the team leaders via email.
  2. The team leaders could author a document in brainstorm or outline form to include details of the potential project.
  3. This document would be reviewed by the manager and comments added. (ex: “agree”, ”what value does this add?”, and “do not include( don’t worry about this)”).
  4. The team would then revise the document to a rough draft.
  5. The manager could revise the rough draft adding direction statements and asking clarification questions.
  6. Multiple revisions may be needed to arrive at a final statement.
  7. Then management places approval on the final statement and the work begins. This continued process focuses the project team like a laser and places the project on a clear path.

As a vCIO, it’s important to involve all the team members in formulating the project plans. The product requirement should be clearly discussed before. Whether the project is to design a website, application or any IT software, the project manager should acknowledge the requirements to the clients in advance.

The Impact of poor project scope statements

How can a poorly constructed scope statement affect your business?

Operating with weak scope statements adds unnecessary risk to a project. Risk at any level of a project should be addressed. Defining a process to obtain clear project scope adds value to projects and to the profitability of the enterprise. Teams begin to focus on work rather than frustration. Communication between management and teams becomes more trustworthy and value-rich. If the lack of clarity is found, it will ultimately give a boost to project stress and failure. A vague project scope can also impact the quality, time, team performance, features and the final cost.

To sum it all up, an absence of project scope is risky. Confused people and missed deadlines and project realignment meetings are the result of inadequate project scope. Spending a marginal amount of time developing more accurate project scope adds value to projects. A defined, discussed and reviewed project scope is where the value really starts to add ROI to the business.

With BNSC, Inc., people and businesses find help establishing IT strategies for better business growth. Project scope is a worthwhile endeavor that you will find comfortable and valuable. Please contact us to discuss your business needs and see how much BNSC will help you design effective project scope and business strategies.